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Hello all, and welcome to the Revive the Roots "Get Rooted" Blog! We are a Rhode Island non-profit corporation that takes on farm restoration projects for sustainable production and community building! This blog is our outlet for updates about our farms and corporation, for more information you can find us on facebook.com, FarmFreshRI.org and very soon RevivetheRoots.org!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our story thus far...

The Revive the Roots Foundation is an organization that began in January of 2011, but our roots are based within friendship. As a group, since our beginnings, we have wanted to transition to a more self-reliant and healthier life-style. In it’s immature stages this idea was fulfilled to some extent by our imagination, creativity, and exploratory nature. All of our dreaming begun to pay off as soon as we started to show initiative on the Englsih families property “Wionkhiege Valley Farm,” where we fully developed our goals and aspirations.

An immense opportunity presented itself fresh off of the grape vine. There had been an un-occupied and unused property right around the corner from Wionkhiege Valley Farm that had been formerly owned by the late Mary Mowry. Upon her passing, F. Monroe Alan had been appointed executor of the property and with no use for the property, and fearing the continuation of this, Mr. Allan gave the property to it’s current proprietors The Smithfield Land Trust. We immediately began the preparation for a presentation to the Land Trust, as to explain to them what we wished to use the property for and how it could benefit our community.

The Land Trust and Town Council embraced our idea’s and aspirations with open arms, and we are currently being leased the property, formally dubbed Niantic Gardens. We are forging ahead with our projects and are already fathoming future endeavors. We welcome all to become character’s in our tale and to make significantly positive changes in their own lives, as well as assisting in our participation as a community in a movement that will change the face of American culture and the definition of living well.

We intend to strengthen and empower our home, with one hand in the soil and the other in yours.

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